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Thank Heavens that’s Mo-ver

November each year sees men across the globe starting to sprout moustaches, with the aim of raising awareness and funds for men’s health, specially testicular and prostate cancer. Since their humble beginning in 2003 in Australia, Movember has become a global movement and 2012 was the year PSP took the plunge.


The idea of participating was initially raised by Managing Director Nick Hunt, although the idea was not universally embraced to begin with. “When I first mentioned it there were a few worried frowns and comments about how ridiculous we could look” said Nick “but I was extremely proud of the team as they all took part despite the misgivings and it is fair to say some great moustaches were born!”

Overall the PSP Team raised around £250 for their top lip toupees through generous donations from colleagues, families, customers and suppliers. All money raised goes towards investment in Awareness & Education, Survivorship and Research related to prostrate and testicular cancer. “It’s a bit of fun but raises awareness and funds for extremely good causes so we were pleased to take part” said PSP Business Development Manager Wayne Pallant, “I have to say mine was the best though, by a country mile!!”

Was it purely coincidence that November was one of the busiest months for PSP or perhaps there is more to the power of the moustache? Either way December has welcomed a clean shaven workforce. “The general consensus was the families were not massively keen on the new look so they had to go” explained Nick, “although I think we all secretly miss them!”