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New solution for a new library

PSP Asset Protection and Ceredigion County Council have had a close association since 2005, when PSP installed an electromagnetic security system in the original Aberystwyth Library. Since then they have worked together to upgrade the system at Aberystwyth to full RFID and have now included the newly refurbished Aberaeron Library within the scope of the on-going RFID deployment.


The library reopened this week in County Hall, after a period of time in temporary accommodation, with a brand new self-service kiosk and matching return shelves installed to allow library users to perform issues and returns as quickly and easily as possible. “We were delighted to be able to provide the library with our unique returns shelves” said PSP’s Business Development Manager Wayne Pallant, “The shelves not only make it easier for users to return their items but also speeds up the availability of returned items and reduces the staff’s workload”.

The OrbisVision self-service kiosk was chosen for this library and PSP configured it with a full Welsh translation, in cooperation with the Council. The fully bi-lingual interface ensures all library users are able to access and successfully use the new service.

The library also had the PSP Orbis50 security gates installed, which utilises the unique Eco-Reader and customer counting feature. The Eco-Reader has an in-built energy management module, allowing the library to reduce the energy consumption of the security system. It also communicates to an online portal where library staff can monitor the library’s footfall as well as the statistics from the self-service kiosk.

"The self-service machine has been a big success; its main selling point is that it’s so easy for the public to use. The security system is new to Aberaeron, and the staff have found the move to the new system quite smooth. It’s also been a pleasure to work with Nick and his team." Gareth Griffiths, Library Service Manager for Ceredigion

Nick Hunt, PSP’s Managing Director, commented “We feel extremely privileged to have worked with Ceredigion on this and the Aberystwyth project and the solution we have provided is the result of close collaboration between the two of us, rather than just a collection of bog standard, off-the-shelf products.”