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St Bernards Hospital - Gibraltar (& a Rock Ape/Barbary Macaque!)
St Bernards Hospital – Gibraltar (& a Rock Ape/Barbary Macaque!)

In September 2014, the St Bernard’s Hospital, which is located over 1000 miles away from the UK in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, completed the refurbishment of its library by implementing RFID technology through the PSP and 3M partnership. The library wanted to be flexible around the erratic, ever-changing working hours of the hospital staff by becoming open all hours, this along with being oversees, meant the library required reliable equipment and exemplary service.

Shirley Sardena, Medical Librarian at St Bernard’s Hospital Library explains, “I have wanted to work with PSP for a while as they have a respected reputation and comprehensive experience in assisting libraries of our size and this refurbishment gave me the chance to. From the very start it was apparent PSP really cared about our project, and throughout the process Wayne (Pallant), their Business Development Manager, was really responsive and systematically walked me through the whole process; I felt like I could ask him anything. As I am the sole Librarian in Gibraltar, being able to call PSP with any issues or advice was very helpful on a personal level, but additionally, as it would be infeasible to have multiple site visits to assess our situation, the necessary level of contact before installation had to be done through photographs and discussion over emails.”

This was certainly the case with setting up the 895 Workstation Station , Shirley Sardena stated, “I was initially worried that the Workstation Station would be difficult to set up over the phone but it was incredibly easy and we were able to tag all our stock over the summer without any issues.” The installation process was completed just as easily and quickly, “The engineers only had a small window of opportunity to get the installation done. They arrived early and worked all day to ensure the equipment was fully installed in a fast and professional manner; on the second day of installation they created a report on the Digital Library Assistant using books in the library. They even finished with enough time to see one of Gibraltar’s main attractions – the monkeys!”

“The Library had the ultimate aim of becoming continuously open to accommodate the often late hours of our main customers, doctors and nurses, and so the equipment had to be user-friendly and reliable. The 3M R-Series Model 8420 Kiosk displays step by step instructions which allows the issuing of books through self-service and guarantees I have minimal interruptions during the day to help issue books. Moreover, I have complete confidence in the detection systems to maintain high security throughout the night facilitating the library to stay open and mitigate the risk of locking a doctor in the library overnight.”

When asked whether Ms Sardena would use PSP and 3M again she expressed, “My experience with PSP and 3M has been exceptional. I know them and I know they will come and do things properly.” Wayne Pallant, PSP’s Business Development Manager, commented “working with St Bernards Hospital was, on paper, always going to be a challenging and interesting project. There were many logistical hurdles to overcome; the key to this project being so successful was down to good, strong communication, project management, and fully understanding the customers’ requirements and goals within a set schedule. I am pleased with how well the whole project went from initial contact to final installation, and look forward to working with Ms Sardena on future projects.”