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Taking a tablet has never been easier!

Netspot-no-scanner smlPSP Asset Protection is pleased to announce a very exciting addition to our product range in the form of the NetSpot Tablet Kiosk and the NetSpot Laptop Kiosk.

Having the kiosks makes extending the internet availability for your users easy and extremely secure, whilst giving them the freedom to browse the internet anywhere within the library, classroom, training centre, etc

The kiosks physically secure the tablets or laptops, dispensing them to users once they have been successfully identified. The content of each device is controlled and managed by the NetSpot Central Server, meaning the applications and/or software can be pre-installed as required. It also means that each device is wiped clean and re-imaged when it is returned, removing all personal information and reverting back to the predefined default settings.

Because each device is fully controlled by the Central Server there is no requirement for expensive anti-virus software either.

"Our goal is to provide world-class products that deliver consistently on our customer's behalf and the NetSpot solutions do just that" PSP MD Nick Hunt

The use of mobile devices is commonplace these days, therefore being able to extend that offering in a secure and controlled way, we see as an exciting opportunity for our customers. It is not just about loaning out iPads, it is about giving our customers the ability to control the content on them, which lends itself seamlessly to training, education and awareness.

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