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COVID-19: A message from PSP

The company’s origins go back to 1978 and during that time we have experienced a number of difficult and uncertain times, however the COVID-19 pandemic is beyond anything we, or anyone else, has ever dealt with. With daily changes to guidance and institutions and businesses closing their doors every day it is very difficult to know exactly how to plan and, more importantly, how to ensure the safety and well being of our staff and those we come in contact with.

Despite these extraordinary times librarians, both public and academic, are showing amazing resolve and innovation, working out how to continue to provide the best service and support to their users in the midst of closures or reduced access.This is evident on social media with posts showing empty shelves in schools as students top up on books in readiness for a sustained period away from schools – who knew libraries could be so important?!!

As a small business we are also having to try and innovate and show resolve in order to remain sane, working and useful to those who need us. These are troubling times for businesses such as ours, especially with such a large reliance on the library market, so we continue to try to plan and mitigate as much as possible for what the next few months may hold. We will continue to fulfil orders and implementations, following government guidelines at all times so as to safeguard our staff and any customers we may come into contact with and completing risk assessments on an individual basis.

Trying to find positives and carrying on as normal is important in order to provide focus and direction in unprecedented times. Part of that is trying to understand if any of our services are relevant given the circumstances of closed or reduced access libraries. We felt it would be a good opportunity to offer our stocktaking service at a reduced rate, a service which may be made easier with the high level of loans! We are aware access restrictions may mean this is unattainable but, if not, what better opportunity to get in, scan the books and give the shelves a clean for you?!

Whatever you do or however you may be affected by this pandemic please stay safe, well and as positive as you can. It seems like as good a time as any to share my favourite joke of all time:

Q: How do you make a duck sing soul?

A: Put him in the oven until his bill withers!!

Have a lovely day and best wishes

Nick and the PSP Team

p.s. “…until he’s Bill Withers”!! Probably loses something in the written form!

A stocktake sounds like a great idea!! or Please send me more jokes!!If you would like more details on stocktaking or more of the MD's great jokes please contact us..
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