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Bar of Ireland Law Library – eRLS Library Security Case Study

Why Bar of Ireland Law Library Switched to Our RFID Library Stock Control Solution

We recently caught up with one of our biggest customers at the time (September 2017) and an early pioneer of our cutting-edge eRLS stock control RFID system, John Duffy of the Law Library in Ireland. Here’s what John had to say about switching to RFID technology and the personal service he received throughout the process.

Did you switch or upgrade your library stock control system from a previous supplier?

Yes, we switched from Optical Solutions.

What was the reason for the switch?

The supplier was retiring and we took it as a spur to do a complete upgrade, to take advantage of RFID technology as our previous electromagnetic security was unsatisfactory.

What was the switching process like?

The process was complicated but quite straightforward thanks to PSP. They made recommendations on what to buy and set out a detailed step-by-step plan for tagging the books and installing the hardware and software. There were occasional hiccups but everything was dealt with.

How do PSP’s eRLS library security solutions make managing your library easier/more efficient?

We have a much greater degree of control over our stock. On a day-to-day basis, this is demonstrated by the security logs. We can see when and which items are illicitly taken from the library overnight and, combined with CCTV, can easily contact the user to authorise the loan. We noticed an overall decrease in unauthorised loans once we put the system in place.

With the handheld device, our stocktakes are much quicker and we can do them regularly on the fly, rather than making them a grand all-hands annual event.

Do you have a favourite feature or something in particular that makes your life easier?

A by-product of the security system is that it allows me to trace the whereabouts of an item in transit. We are a multi-site library and it can take significant time to move an item to its home location when it was returned to a different one. By searching the readings for an item I can tell when it has been dispatched and see whether it has reached its home library yet.

The speed at which the circulation process works is also excellent. During the Covid lockdowns, we had very limited on-site staff time and large volumes of book returns. It was very useful to be able to charge items en masse instead of scanning each individual barcode.

Have you had any feedback on the RFID stock control solution from library users?

No, it largely goes unnoticed, but that’s its job!

How did you find working with the PSP Asset Protection team?

The team have been extremely helpful throughout our working relationship, from the early recommendations during the planning phase to installations and maintenance. The approach is always direct and practical, finding the quickest and most elegant solution to any challenges arising.

Would you recommend these security solutions and PSP to other library management teams?

Absolutely, and especially to libraries that have not previously given serious consideration to RFID. PSP’s products have improved our service in ways beyond what we installed the system to do.

“PSP offers the ideal combination of cutting-edge technology with a small company’s personal service.”


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