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Introducing eRLS RFID – Powered by PSP!

They say a change is as good as a rest and while we cannot confirm who they are exactly, they are right! Having used UHF RFID technology in our library stock control and security solutions for several years now, we thought it high time to invest further into this system and make it our own. The first step was to take ownership of the software and then create our own eRLS “brand identity” and logo, which can be seen here…

eRLS RFID library security solutions by PSP

As you may or may not know, following negotiations with our partner in Spain, Babel, we recently acquired the eRLS RFID library stock control software. This is great news for everyone concerned because it gives us greater opportunities to move the UHF RFID library systems forward in direct response to the feedback we receive from our customers.

UHF RFID Technology for Library Stock Control Systems

UHF technology is the fastest-growing segment in the RFID space and we are proud to be able to bring you this innovative, market-leading technology to solve the stock control challenges you might be facing in your library.

Our lightweight, unobtrusive security panels can be located discreetly above access points which makes them an ideal solution where entryways are narrow and/or security gates are not practical or desirable. Our low-profile, ceiling-mounted panels give back the much-needed floor space usually taken up by the ugly Perspex antennas you usually find at the library doors.

A Sustainable Choice for Your Library

Our eRLS RFID security panels are manufactured using recycled elements where possible and less plastic so if you’re keen to make your library as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, this solution is definitely worthy of consideration.

An Effective Visual Deterrent

Don’t be led to believe that our UHF eRLS stock control and unauthorised borrowing prevention system is any less effective because it is secured to the ceiling and not directly visible. If anything, it is more so! Our systems cover a vast 3m area, so one antenna should cover your double doors easily. Panels can also be “daisy-chained” so one master antenna can run additional panels for greater coverage, as is the case with one of our recent eRLS RFID stock control installations at the NHS Wales’ Hywel Dda University Health Board in Carmarthen.

The sensitivity of the system can also be adjusted, so if you feel like it’s just got too much coverage (is there such a thing?!) then it can be turned down and dialled in to suit your exact requirements. 

UHF eRLS RFID – Key Benefits

  • Up and coming technology – get ahead of the curve and future-proof your library!
  • Market leader – we’re not bragging when we say our eRLS solution is best in class
  • Subtle and unassuming – no need to clutter your library’s floor space
  • Unlimited support – our expert team is on hand for speedy post-installation support as required
  • Collection control – protect your valuable resources from unauthorised borrowing and theft
  • Covers a vast area – a single, compact panel will cover your entire entrance area

If you like the sound of a less prominent but more effective and modern security system for your library then why not get in touch today for a no-obligation chat about your requirements? We’re here to help you make the best decision for protecting your library and the assets contained within.