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The most important thing to our customer is the most important thing to us. We understand that every library has a unique set of goals and a unique set of customers; we don’t and won’t, therefore, offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

We don’t subscribe to the (over)used phrase “value added”; of course, it’s our aim to add value to the way you work and the way that your users interact with you, but value will be seen in different ways to each of our customers with their own specific set of needs and expectations.

With a history spanning five decades, we have a responsibility to share our expertise and the experience we’ve gained by working with our previous customers; we certainly believe in duplicating and improving on past successes and in learning from every previous project.



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Our working process

Projects are rarely short-term and so we want to build a great working relationship with our customers. Our role is to understand your needs and help to build business cases to achieve them. We do so by visiting and discussing, in depth, the requirements and expected outcomes of the project, and putting together a fit-for-purpose proposal that highlights each of the benefits and justifies your expenditure. Our focus is always your outcome; our opening question will always be “why?” rather than “where?” do you want it.

We also understand the demand for making the most of every budget and achieving value for money. Because of this, our company offers unparalleled levels of commitment to our customers, maximising your investment. We tailor our response to your requirements and desired outcomes, and continue to meet these needs over the next ten years.

As part of an ongoing relationship, our role is to constantly review each of our projects against our customer’s outcomes and expectations. The results of these reviews then become the knowledge and experience that we share to the benefit of others.

The team at PSP are dedicated and focused on being a resource, not just a supplier.

Access and knowledge to a range of technologies

  • Technology 1: Collection management
  • Technology 2: Collection security
  • Technology 3: Self service
  • Technology 4: Visitor statistics

Technology allows for the introduction of stock management and stock security systems, which help librarians to easily monitor and control stock visibility and movement as well as library footfall. PSP has partnered and collaborated with global leaders in technology, which means we’re able to implement and support the very best fit-for-purpose solution.

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Our knowledge is your security

Expertise helping to clarify the requirements and build solutions to your individual objectives and goals.

Improving Library Processes

Our aim is to improve your library service provision, saving you time and money

Installation & Maintenance

Installation, commissioning and maintenance contracts for library stock security solutions