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Library Self Service

Used correctly, self service machines can offer librarians peace of mind.

Provide a modern-age library experience, with a library self service machine from PSP. With self service, automating and streamlining processes has never been easier, and we’ll help you to create a seamless journey from shelf to self.

Library Self Service Machines

At PSP, we only provide professional products and services that we believe in and know will make a significant difference to your library management.

We provide complete self service library solutions with easy-to-follow software interfaces, allowing users to simply check-in and check- out items, plus check account details.

With both HF and UHF RFID self service solutions available in various designs and sizes, our self service technology can help enhance your library management whilst looking stylish.

Why your library NEEDS self service machines

Ease of Use for Every User

Our library self service machines are easy to use with an intuitive interface. The days of confused faces and panicked calls to tech support are over!

Why your library NEEDS self service machines.

Multiple Check-ins & Check-Outs

With the PSP Self Service Solutions, users can check-in and check-out multiple items simultaneously, so you can provide an efficient experience for everyone.

Accessible Knowledge Resources

With the seamless integration with all library management systems, our self service solutions provide users with quick and easy access to knowledge resources.

Reduce Staff Workload

At PSP, we want to provide library management solutions to reduce staff workload and free up valuable library staff time. Our self service library machines do just that!

Library Self Service from PSP

PSP Self Service Solutions are renowned for being reliable, responsible and simple to use for every user. You will have complete peace of mind knowing that every resource is being checked in and checked out efficiently when you invest in this innovative technology.

With the Blade standalone kiosk, the Edge wall-mounted unit, or the entirely bespoke ‘OEM’ option, PSP can provide a solution entirely befitting of your requirements and the environment is it going to be in.

Of course, you are able to keep an eye on the collection statistics with the remote monitoring and diagnostics option. The touchscreen monitor, available from 15” or 21”, is easy to navigate, instructing every user each step of the process. Plus, in order to keep this area tidy and organised, we also have return bins and shelves to store returned books in an ordered manner.

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This self service solution has everything your library needs, including the ability to design bespoke graphics to truly make it your unit. Tailor this technology to your library and reap the benefits today!