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About PSP Asset Protection

We understand the unique problems libraries and librarians experience and we know how high your expectations are. We enjoy a challenge and, ensuring that we understand is the first step in finding a solution that is fit-for-purpose. To us, every challenge is unique, as is every customer; so we tailor-make our services to suit you.

Whether you need us to monitor the number of people who visit your library, or to prevent the loss of assets from your academic learning centre, or to implement self-service facilities to accommodate unstaffed hours, we understand. The PSP team will use our extensive expertise to clarify your requirements and build a bespoke solution.

An experienced, dedicated team

With five decades of experience, our team have the perfect mix of knowledge and skills needed to provide you with information, recommendations and products. Whether you need a solution for a brand new facility, or you are looking to update your existing set-up, we can provide all of the planning, advice and products that you need – talk to us, we look forward to meeting you.

As a team, our focus is on our customers’ outcomes; not purely the features and benefits of the products we supply. We’re proud of being open, honest and flexible.

We receive great, regular feedback from our customers and we organise annual review meetings with all customers to ensure that their requirements are still being met.

Nick Hunt

Managing Director

Long established

Our business dates back to 1978 and began life as Plescon Security Products. Over the decades we have developed the technologies we use and the way we use them, as well as extending our services. Changing our name to PSP Asset Protection helped us to highlight the evolution of our business; we now have an extended partnership network, allowing us to offer you the world’s leading products alongside our unbeatable service.

Value first

Although the expression ‘value added’ is (mis)used nowadays, we prefer to describe our service as ‘value first’. We have vast experience, knowledge and resources and, with our diverse customer base we’re learning new things all the time – we’d love to share our expertise with you.

Our partners

ICT infrastructures and managed services, Radiofrequency Identificaction (RFID), IT security and consultancy, e-learning, Internet, social media and software applications.

The SLA is a UK focused charity which supports everyone involved in school libraries. We believe that every pupil is entitled to effective school library provision and the educational, emotional and developmental benefits that come with it. The SLA is committed to supporting, promoting and sustaining high quality reading and teaching and learning opportunities for all in a diverse and changing world.

Nedap develops innovative Library Solutions based on RFID technology. It’s intelligent solutions for item detection, self-service and material handling are implemented in thousands of libraries worldwide

Concord Infiniti is a cloud library management software system for managing, locating and distributing educational resources for teaching and learning.