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Kenilworth School & Sixth Form – Infiniti LMS Case Study

Why Kenilworth School Switched to PSP’s Infiniti Library Management System

We worked with Jane Eadon at Kenilworth School & Sixth Form back in April 2020 to upgrade the school’s library management system to our cloud-native Infiniti LMS. Here’s what Jane has to say about her experience switching to Infiniti and what it was like working with the PSP team.

Did you switch or upgrade your library management system from a previous supplier?

Yes, we upgraded from a previous LMS provider.

What was the reason for the switch/upgrade and what was the process like?

Our previous LMS (a former market leader) was no longer fit for purpose. I wanted a system I could rely on, with a support team that responded when things went wrong or if I needed assistance.

The process of switching to Infiniti LMS was flawless. The update to Infiniti was scheduled for the first week of the first lockdown. Despite no one working from the PSP office, including the Concord support team in Australia, it all went without a hitch. The training I was given was great, with any queries responded to quickly and efficiently.

How does Infiniti make managing your school library easier/more efficient?

The main bonus of Infiniti is that it works, consistently. Cataloguing is much easier to do, especially if you have multiple copies. I have learnt how to import Marc records, which makes the whole process really easy and time efficient. We have always tried to send overdue reminders via email, but I now know they are going out exactly as they should, which saves a lot of time.


Do you have a favourite Infiniti feature or something in particular that makes your life easier?

The Infiniti feature that makes my life easier is that I can trust the library management system to work! The students have really latched on to the reservation feature, which means I no longer have to remember who wanted to read a book next. I am also a big fan of single sign-on, no more printing out barcodes with pin numbers on.

Have you had any feedback on the Infiniti software from school library users?

The students are using it more which says it all really. The search is a lot easier for them to use than our previous system.

Do you also use the LibPaths independent learning portals?

No, but I keep thinking about it.

How did you find working with the PSP team?

The PSP team are great to work with. They are quick to respond and there is no queuing when you ring up, a person always answers the phone.

Would you recommend Infiniti, LibPaths and PSP to other school library teams?

Most definitely. I always try to sing the praises of PSP and Infiniti when other librarians ask for recommendations for a new LMS. PSP are a great team to work with – keep doing what you are doing!

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