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Thomas Mills High School – Library Management System Case Study

Why Thomas Mills Switched to Infiniti Library Management System

Elizabeth Vale, the Library Coordinator at Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham, Suffolk, has been using Infiniti and LibPaths™ for just over a year and loves how easy it is to use and the fantastic support provided by our team here at PSP. She made the decision to switch from another library management system to Infiniti as she was struggling to get the support required and found the system overly complicated, difficult to use and full of errors. All problems that were fully overcome by Infiniti we’re pleased to say!

Elizabeth Vale, Library Coordinator, Thomas Mills High School discusses Infiniti LMS

Elizabeth now has a team of library assistants whom she’s trained on Infiniti LMS so they can carry out basic, day-to-day school library management tasks. This has been a very smooth, hassle-free process as the system is so intuitive and easy to use with barely a learning curve.

“The cataloguing on the system is very easy so that made the switching process fine. Infiniti takes records from the British Library and other massive book collections so all you have to do is find the record that suits your library, hit save and it’s in your system. Infiniti is a product that works. It isn’t over-complicated which makes it very easy to use and the training and support are fantastic. The LibPaths learning portals are my favourite feature! I would definitely recommend Infiniti and PSP to other schools.”


Elizabeth’s favourite feature of the Infiniti library management system is the LibPaths™ virtual learning portals. She has created e-learning portals for all the different year groups in the school, targeting certain books and other digital resources to engage younger readers while also enticing more mature learners to particular themes. She has also connected the resource hub to the school library’s Twitter page.

We’re pleased to say the Infiniti LMS and LibPaths™ have been very well-received by students and teachers alike, and Elizabeth would definitely recommend Infiniti and PSP to other schools and colleges. As Elizabeth says, it’s a library management solution that does what it says on the tin – no pointless “features” that have been added without workability in mind; Infiniti is simply a product that works.

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