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Infiniti LibPaths™ Virtual Learning Hub

Introducing LibPaths™ – PSP’s e-Learning Portal for Schools & Colleges

LibPaths™ is a flexible virtual learning hub that you can fill with curated content and links to physical and digital resources (on whichever subjects you like) to attract and engage students any time, anywhere, from any device.

LibPaths™ works alongside Infiniti, our intelligent library management software, and serves as a gateway for students who might not normally engage with a traditional library. In fact, it could be the catalyst for a young person to develop a lifelong love of books and independent learning. LibPaths™ is a cloud-native solution designed to support teaching and learning, providing students, teachers and parents with access to a huge range of curricula subjects and topics for all year levels. LibPaths™ also connects student groups, teacher groups, and even parent groups. 

The ever-growing and evolving collections of carefully curated content contain a mix of study guides, subject guides, multimedia lesson resources and pathfinders. You choose which portal collections you’d like to add to your hub where you can use them as templates for designing your own portals; edit, delete or copy content to suit your own needs; or share them with your school library community.


How to use LibPaths in your school library


Key Benefits of LibPaths™

Fast & User-Friendly

No matter your skill level, LibPaths™ has been designed to make it as easy as possible for library teams and curriculum leaders to create comprehensive virtual learning portals for your users. You’ll have access to plenty of templates to use as they are or to get inspiration from as you design and build your own portal.

User-Level Customisation

You can create your own user groups with specific access rights to ensure your users only see the portals that are relevant to them. User groups can also be imported from your school administration system.

Easy & Intuitive Navigation

We have finetuned the user experience through in-depth user testing to ensure finding relevant portals and content collections is super-easy. After logging in, all relevant portals are immediately visible to each student or they can access them directly from the relevant place in your school’s learning management system (LMS).

Seamless Integration with Infiniti

As LibPaths™ has been designed to work alongside Infiniti, library managers can connect LibPaths™ directly to the school’s Infiniti catalogue and make those resources immediately available to users.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

LibPaths™ is cloud-native and can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, and on any device. The platform has been specifically designed to function like a website so users of all levels will be comfortable with its familiar, intuitive design and navigation.

How to use LibPaths to support the school curriculum

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