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Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School – Library Software Case Study

Why QEGS Switched to PSP’s Concord Infiniti LMS

Recently (April 2022), we worked with Shannon Bridger at Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School in Barnet to upgrade the school’s library management system from a competitor’s platform to our cloud-native Infiniti LMS. Here’s what Shannon has to say about her experience switching to Infiniti and what it was like working with the PSP team.

Did you switch or upgrade your library management system from a previous supplier?

Yes, we switched from a library management system that shares its name with a famous Charles Dickens character!

What was the reason for the switch/upgrade and what was the process like?

I had used Infiniti in a previous school and found its interface to be really intuitive and the customer service was always prompt and helpful. Then, when I started at QEGS, I was confronted with their school library system and found it to be outdated and difficult to navigate in comparison. As such, my first action as the new librarian was to get us onto Infiniti.

The switch was very easy. I contacted PSP Asset Protection and Nick got the ball rolling straight away. It was a streamlined process from receiving and filling out the contracts to transferring the data over. Any issues came from the old system, with the Infiniti team working hard to adapt the muddled information provided.

How does Infiniti make managing your school library easier/more efficient?

Compared to other school library systems, the Infiniti library management system is very easy to navigate. I find I don’t get ‘lost’ on the web pages as I did with the previous system. Generating reports is much easier, with the options to build the report making it easy to add, remove and replace depending on what I need.

The dashboard – where I can visually see the ‘Overdues’ and access the ‘Reservations’ – makes it efficient for me to get my daily tasks done without having to click through multiple pages to try to find what I need.


Do you have a favourite Infiniti feature or something in particular that makes your life easier?

One feature, in particular, would be the LibPaths virtual learning portals and individual log-in where students can see books they’ve taken out and how long they have left until they’re due. It means I’m no longer being constantly asked these questions by students. It also encourages them to browse what is available in the library without needing to ask me. This has been great as I often see searches for LGBTQ+ related books or books on bullying, where students might not want to ask a teacher/librarian for a suggestion but can still access what they require.

Another favourite feature is having the Loans / Loan History / Reservations / Notes / Fines buttons on each person’s profile. It makes it so easy to quickly gather the information I need about a patron all in one place and address multiple issues at once. This is key for some students who don’t come by the library as often, so when I catch them I can easily address everything I need to discuss with them, without having to generate multiple reports or have multiple tabs open on Overdues, Loans, Reservations, etc.

The ‘notes’ function is also particularly helpful – especially how you can set it to appear the moment you bring up a patron’s profile. I’m able to set notes reminding myself to ask certain students questions (if the book is new, I’ll set a note to ask them if they would recommend the book to other students, for example).

Have you had any feedback on the Infiniti software from school library users?

One thing that comes to mind is how the student librarians have enjoyed using the interface when I have them on duty at break-times or lunch. They didn’t like the previous LMS for the same reason I didn’t – it was very difficult to fix your mistakes, whereas with Infiniti it’s easy to return to the ‘Circulation’ tab if they accidentally click off it, and can process returns from any page.

The students also LOVE looking at their loan history and the growing number beside it. It’s a competition between certain students to read as many books as possible and get their number up!

Do you also use the LibPaths independent learning portals?

We use LibPaths often as it affords students independence. I love that they are able to search the library system themselves for books that interest them, which means I can keep a tab on what they are searching for and adapt my recommendations/purchases accordingly.

How did you find working with the PSP team?

The PSP team have always been incredibly prompt, kind and accommodating. I’ve always been taken by the little touches, such as how they recommend they undertake work during school holiday dates or being able to suggest the easiest ways to approach certain issues. I’m not the most technically astute and ask a hundred and one questions, but I’m always met with a helpful and agreeable contact.

Would you recommend Infiniti, LibPaths and PSP to other school library teams?

I would absolutely recommend Infiniti and PSP to other school library teams. Thank you for your continued support!

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