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Infiniti Library Management Software

PSP’s “Infiniti” Library Management Software

Our Infiniti library management software enhances the library management abilities of any librarian.

Infiniti is a customisable library management software which aids library efficiency and encourages students to develop a love of reading, as well as core independent learning skills.

Enhancing Library Management Service

Each of our customised online portals can be accessed by library users on any internet enabled device, without the need for any additional apps or downloads, providing learning resources at their fingertips.

Infiniti is innovative and instinctive, assisting librarians with manually intensive tasks and highlighting specifically overdue items. As a cloud-based library management software, Infiniti can be easily customised and configured. Allowing to send out automated overdue notifications which helps librarians manage and control outstanding items – one of the most important components of any library.

Sending out notification emails at predefined periods, plus an escalation option to inform parents and/or teachers that items are long overdue, brings librarians many benefits. Not only does it ensure resources are as accessible as possible, but it helps improve return rates of items, reduces the expense of replacing overdue items, and improves productivity levels.

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Easily Accessible & Engaging for Students

Compatible across all device types, the Infiniti Library Management Software means library resources are available to all users wherever they may be. On the move, studying at home, or in the library itself, students and librarians alike can easily access both digital and physical resources.

The technology itself is also incredibly intuitive, with its intelligent searching and discovery abilities it aims to engage every user, especially the school and college community who are eager to learn and read.

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Library Management Software for Schools

Used and trusted by hundreds of school libraries, the Infiniti Management Software can be completely tailored to you. With an extensive theme of fonts, colours and other design options, you can implement your own individual branding.

The security and privacy of student data is critical, so Infiniti is encrypted in secure datacentres and in compliance with UK and European regulatory requirements. You can definitely rely on this technology for your school library.

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