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Library Cataloguing

At PSP we understand the value of cataloguing and stocktaking for every library.

As we know, stocktake can be an incredibly time-consuming and manually intensive task. This is why we offer a professional library cataloguing and stocktaking service as a part of any library management system.

Library Stocktaking

Stocktaking is the cornerstone of an effective library management system. By providing information on your library collection, an effective stocktake ensures database records accurately reflect all available resources on the shelf.

Stocktaking with PSP

At PSP, our library stocktaking service relieves strain on library staff and provides a full, not exhaustive detailed report. Librarians can make sure their library collection is in tip-top shape by coming to us for stocktaking needs.

Handheld scanner for library stocktaking and cataloguing

Streamline Your Library Catalogue System

Collection Numbers, Value & Trends

As well as calculating the fundamental total collection number and stated value, our service also compiles a report of borrowing statistics, so you can identify the popularity of individual titles.

Assessment of Disparities & Losses

We have the ability to highlight any disparities between the database and the actual collection, including known and unknown losses, plus the value of these losses.

RFID desktop reader for library stocktaking and cataloguing

Strengths & Weaknesses of Collection

At PSP, we pride ourselves on a tailored service and stocktaking is no exception. We are able to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your collection to futureproof your library.

Efficient Organisation of Resources

Another way we can help futureproof your library with our stocktaking service is by recognising inaccurate, outdated and potentially misleading resources.

Library cataloguing can be easier

One thing that makes our stocktaking service stand above the rest is our ability to completely streamline the process. Our priority is delivering the essential information and tools you need to make the best decisions for your collections.

All of our stocktakes are carried out by our fully trained, highly experience team, at a time convenient for you, as well as your customers and the day-to-day running of your library. Our service includes a manual stocktake of the book collection which results in a detailed report, providing essential information for your collection. This allows you to evaluate your collection as a whole and make any changes where needs be.

Another option stemming from our stocktaking service is the loan of wireless data collection equipment for users to perform their own stocktaking. Easy to use with a complementary application for synchronising and downloading information to any computer, these hand-held terminals can easily integrate with your library management system. Our team will then generate a full report on the data captured.

Would you like to save some time and use PSP’s stocktaking service for your library? Get in touch with us today.