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PSP Now Supplies LapSafe® Smart Lockers & Charging Units

We’re pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with industry leaders LapSafe® to provide a wide range of cost-effective self-service lockers, sanitising units and intelligent charging solutions to our library customers.

The innovative, flexible lockers in the Diplomat™ and FLEX™ range are specifically designed for laptops, Chromebooks and tablets, and facilitate the loaning of these items in a highly secure, convenient way, with users able to access a self-service locker 24/7 365. Smart lockers can also be used to store books, phones, bags, personal items and other library resources (for collection and drop-off) while killing bacteria and viruses with UV-C light.

Keeping laptops and other devices charged and ready to use can also be a challenge in libraries so we now supply various charging solutions, including the entry-level ChargeLite™ system and the flagship Mentor™ range. Both solutions include mobile charging trolleys as well as robust desktop and wall-mounted units capable of fast-charging (and updating) multiple devices simultaneously. The unique, ultra-safe SmartLine™ charging system is also extremely eco-friendly.

“The LapSafe® product range provides the most advanced and powerful self-service lockers and charging solutions on the market. Having worked in the library space for over 45 years, we understand the challenges faced by modern libraries and it’s our mission to give librarians and library management teams the tools they need to solve those problems. As libraries become increasingly digital, smart lockers and intelligent device charging solutions are fundamental and support the provision of 24/7 365 library services.”

Nick Hunt, Managing Director, PSP Asset Protection

LapSafe® products are all manufactured in the UK, fully and independently UKCA certified and rigorously tested to meet or exceed required British Safety Standards and HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidelines.

Our LapSafe® Smart Lockers page shows a selection of the lockers and charging trolleys and cabinets we can supply, but do get in touch to discuss your library requirements as we’re all about helping our customers find bespoke solutions that perfectly meet their needs. Our LapSafe® solutions are modular and highly customisable so we’re happy to tailor an individual solution that complements your library aesthetic and fits within your budget.