RFID Stock Control

eRLS RFID Powered by PSP – Your Smart Library Security & Stock Control System

Discreet, Lightweight RFID Security Panels

One of our more discreet library security solutions is the eRLS stock control and unauthorised borrowing prevention system. It has an innovative, lightweight, compact design to complement the library aesthetic, providing unobtrusive protection for your collection.

Suspended from the ceiling (or mounted via a wall bracket), the panel provides effective unauthorised borrowing prevention and detection by identifying RFID tags compatible with ISO18000-6C (UHF EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2) whilst ensuring a smooth flow of traffic.

eRLS RFID by PSP - low profile, ceiling mounted library security panel

Provide 24/7 365 Access to Your Library Resources

The powerful, low-profile antenna can be mounted above doors or access points to reclaim valuable floor space and keep the transit points free. A single eRLS RFID security panel can cover an area of up to 3 metres square and multiple antennas can be linked to monitor an even larger area.

Our eRLS RFID security antennas house visual and acoustic alarms and have onboard monitoring for recording and remote consulting of alarms. They also generate status reports and statistics.

No matter what, you will have complete peace of mind that your collection is safe and secure, even when the library is unstaffed. If you’d like to provide 24/7 365 access to your library, you might also consider our range of self-service machines and kiosks.

The Smart RFID Library Security Solution

eRLS is an intelligent library innovation that operates using RFID technology. Using eRLS RFID systems, librarians can streamline their processes, collection control, shelf management, lost location and general inventory whilst feeling like their valuable library stock is more secure.

Wall-mounted eRLS RFID security panel above doors in a library
Ceiling-mounted eRLS RFID security panel above doors in a library

Use UHF RFID Technology to Protect More Than Just Library Books

PSP Asset Protection recently secured the acquisition of the eRLS RFID library stock control software from Babel and we’ve successfully grown the eRLS user base with 70+ sites in the UK and more across Europe. UHF technology is the fastest-growing segment in the RFID market and advances in its near-field capabilities mean we can provide a selection of tags for numerous assets, not just library books.  

RFID Security Tags

RFID tags can be applied to your items so they can be easily identified using wireless technology for batch processing. Smart labels can store the item’s accession number and trigger an alarm depending on the circulation status of the item(s). The information stored can be updated throughout the lifecycle of the item.

Our eRLS labels are small and discreet enough to be inserted between the pages of a library book without being noticed. Different label formats can provide security for various assets, such as laptops, tablets and even staplers!

eRLS smart book labels - RFID tags
eRLS RFID Staff Circulation Pad

RFID Staff Circulation Pad

Our RFID circulation pad provides easy item identification and security in a single operation. It integrates with your library management system (LMS) to process issues and returns and can handle multiple items simultaneously. It can be used to program the accession number to RFID in existing stock using the item’s identifier, avoiding the need to re-catalogue the item.

The pad has a Mini-USB Type B plug connector and a USB 2.0 full-speed device port. Its robust, ergonomic design makes it easy to operate, resulting in a far more efficient workflow.

Secure Your Library Assets Today!

Would you like to speak to us about converting your library security to RFID technology while taking full advantage of the benefits of eRLS stock control? Or perhaps you’d like to upgrade your existing library security system? Either way, our library design experts are on hand to advise you on a wide range of innovative solutions – all backed by first-class customer service and support.