Orbis Security

Library Security Gates

At PSP, we have a number of Orbis Security system antenna options to suit your library. All types are fully transparent, especially designed to blend into your library whilst maintaining high performance. Each system is energy efficient, has audible and visual alarms and has options for monitoring and customer counting too.

An unobtrusive, sleek design suited to aisle widths of up to 1.35m, plus multiple aisle options, you can rely on these security systems. By ensuring your entrance and exit are being monitored, you can increase efficiency in your service delivery.

Library Security & Theft Prevention

Orbis security systems are renowned for their reliability & effectiveness in the library security game. For a clear, yet non-intrusive anti theft presence in your library, Orbis is a great choice.

Orbis Anti Theft Systems

If you’re struggling with theft in your library, or simply want to feel safer, why not give PSP a call? You can read more about our library security systems, or book a free consultation with our team using the buttons below.